Evan Spiridellis is the co-founder and one of the CEO Guys at JibJab. He studied drawing and painting but after school got into photography and puppet making. “I started JibJab in ’99 with my brother and everyday since has been an adventure.  I love making stuff for the interweb.”

Kai Wu grew up in southern China and moved to Washington D.C. after middle school. After his summer internship at JibJab, he returned to CalArts to refine his cartoon-drawing talents, but not before illustrating one of the first JibJab Jr. books – Ocean Commotion. His favorite books as a kid were Dr. Slump, a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama about a misbehaved robot girl. He also swears that even as a kid he loved his fruits and veggies.

Justin Parpan made monster movies with his brothers during family road trips, and his thesis project at CalArts was a children’s book about a lonely dinosaur, which he published and toured throughout California schools and libraries. Parpan joined JibJab in 2007. In his free time he sells his artwork at shows like Comic Con, San Diego’s Tiki Oasis, and various California galleries.

Romney Caswell  has been learning to illustrate since kindergarten. He grew up in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California where he learned how to juggle on a unicycle while eating an apple. He studied animation at CalArts, and joined JibJab in 2009. One of his favorite books as a kid was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle whose house was upside down. When illustrating JibJab Jr. books he tries to make them for “the younger me.”

Philip Vose was born and raised in Fremont, California where he could always be found doodling in his notebook. He earned a BFA at CalArts, specializing in character animation, where he studied with art masters Frank Terry, Cornelius Cole III and E. Mike Mitchell. In 2008, he collaborated on JibJab’s political videos. Now he’s returned to illustrate for JibJab Jr. He’s a movie buff of many genres. But as a kid, his mom could only get him to sit still for Where’s Waldo?

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