Evan Spiridellis
is the co-founder and one of the CEO Guys at JibJab. He studied drawing and painting but after school got into photography and puppet making. “I started JibJab in ’99 with my brother and everyday since has been an adventure. I love making stuff for the interweb.”

Mike Chiechi likes to play the drums and make puppets. He was born in Staten Island, NY and later moved to Freehold, NJ. Jim Henson has been the biggest inspiration on all of his work. He also loves the 1932 film Frankenstein and swears to have seen it at least a million times. His favorite books as a kid were Superman comics and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Kevin Elam joined JibJab in 2004 after studying film in Canada and animation in Los Angeles. Back in the day, he shared a tiny workspace with co-founders Gregg and Evan Spiridellis and their three dogs. He was raised one part city boy (Los Angeles) and one part country boy (Kern River, CA), and finds everyday inspiration in people and nature. His favorite books as a kid were Ed Emberly’s drawing books and Dr. Seuss.

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