Countdown to Summer with StoryBots

10, 9, 8… days left until summer (but who’s counting?). Download the StoryBots Countdown Calendar 2017 to celebrate each day with a different StoryBots Classroom activity. Print out the calendar, cut the front flaps, then glue or staple to the back piece. Each day surprise students with a new activity. Try StoryBots during morning meeting, story time, or right before dismissal!

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Download the StoryBots Summer Countdown 2017


Let’s Make Cosmic Sun Catchers


It’s your time to shine… and decorate your windows with these Cosmic Sun Catchers. I made mine with using contact paper, but you can also make these using the traditional glue/water mixture and wax paper. If you’re using our method, here’s what you need:

Step 1: Print out the template that you’ll be using. For my example, I’ll be making the Sun.


Step 2: Tape the template to a flat surface and roll out contact paper, sticky side up. Then tape down the edges.


Step 3: Cut out tissue paper into small squares and cover the entire template area.

giphy (23)

Step 4: Place another piece of contact paper onto the sun catcher, this time sticky-side down.


Step 5: Using the template as a guide, trim your sun catcher.


Step 6: Attach the eyes and mouth (For some characters, it’s easier to draw a mouth on with a marker). I also decided to cut out red triangles for the sun’s outline and sprinkle on some red “solar flares”.


tadaaaaa sun

Ta-daaa! Use double-stick tape to attach your creation to the window. Our template pack includes four stars, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. Craft them all to create a celestial scene!

Earth, Moon, Sun


Need a little cosmic inspiration? Check out our hit video “We Are the Planets”.