Back-to-School with the StoryBots!

Wait…it’s that time already?! The floors have been waxed, the dollar stores have been raided, and your bulletin boards are ready to emerge from their summer slumber.

At StoryBots HQ we’ve collected a few resources that will help make back-to-school season a little easier (and much more exciting).

Activity PacketBlue Banner Single


This activity packet features craft ideas, writing practice, a calendar, bookmarks, and coloring pages. Print out the first week of school for in-school activities, or send home with students to encourage at-home learning!

BookmarksBlue Banner Single

bookmarks-ORIGINAL 2.png

Reading should be a daily habit! Encourage even the youngest readers to mark their spots with our StoryBots bookmarks. Don’t forget to write names on the back!

PostersBlue Banner Single

Poster Thumbnails.png

Encourage your learners to try their best everyday, plus spruce up your classroom! Our Poster Pack includes 5 different designs you can print on standards US Letter paper.

CertificatesBlue Banner Single



Whether you’re saying congratulations for a successful first week, celebrating a birthday, or highlighting the student-of-the-week, these certificates come in handy.

Classroom PassesBlue Banner Single

Passes ORIGINAL 2.png

Print these passes and don’t forget to laminate! Includes one hall pass, bathroom pass, library pass, and a blank pass to customize.


•Use our Art Pack!• 

Make your class a StoryBots party with our Art Pack. Use these images on your teacher-created materials, bulletin boards, and classroom signage. Share your classroom creations with us on Twitter and Instagram!

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Join the StoryBots Teacher Panel

Are you a StoryBots Rockstar? Join our StoryBots Teacher Panel to test out beta updates, provide helpful feedback, and be the first to know about upcoming events (both online and in-person).


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I’m super excited about back-to-school! If there’s anything we can help with, let us know!

Welcome Back,

image_uploaded_from_ios_360.gif -Raffi and the StoryBots Team


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StoryBots Summer Snacks!

StoryBots with their Snacks!.png

Did you know that StoryBots get their colors from their favorite foods? We asked Team 341B to share their favorite healthy snacks. Needless to say, color was a huge influencer here. Check out their snacks, then design your very own StoryBots Snack Time!


Bang's Snacks Final.png

Bang is all about the blueberries! He adds a little cereal to give his fruit a yummy crunch.


Bings Snacks Final.png

Bing is a zesty kinda guy; He loves yellow peppers with garlic crackers.


Beep's Snacks Final.png

Beep obviously loves all things green. Broccoli, cucumbers, and grapes are all in her top snacks. If she wants a little punch she picks green peppers for her snack.


Boop's Snacks Final.png

BOOP! Boop has a fiery energy, so he loves the color red! Boop loves tomatoes (with some sea salt), red bell peppers, and for a sweet twist his favorite is strawberries.


Bo Snacks Final.png

Bo is a mix of everything…because she LOVES everything! Her snack is grapes and pretzels. It’s a sweet, salty mix that goes great with some almond butter!



What’s your favorite summer snack? Can you design a StoryBots inspired-snack? Share your creations with other StoryBots Fans…Post on Twitter or Instagram and tag @StoryBots! We might share your idea with everyone.

Need a healthy summer binge? Grab some veggies, your dancing shoes, a magic wand and let’s watch Ask the StoryBots and StoryBots Super Songs on Netflix!

Let’s Make a Talking StoryBots Card


Can we talk?! These chatty cards will make your family, friends, and possibly your dog, smile! With a little folding magic you can make your StoryBots card come to life. For complete instructions and more Spring Activities, check out the Spring Activity Book.

Here’s what you’ll need:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • glue
  • glue stick
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • googly eyes


  1. First, fold the paper in half and make a small cut about 2/3 of the way up on the crease-sideStep 1
  2. At the cut, fold each flap up to make a triangle. Fold both ways, then unfold the paper. Step 2
  3. Here’s the tricky part; fold the diamond so that it creases inside the card when you close the card. It may take a second to wiggle out, but you’ll get it!Step 3
  4. Time to draw your StoryBot! I did a simple outline, including a round head, square body, legs, arms, and a rectangle on his belly. He’s looking pretty cool so far!Step 4
  5. We’re missing something…oh yeah, his googly eyes! Use a dab of glue to attach them. Once you glue them down, wait a few minutes to let it dry.Step 5
  6. Once your eyes are dry, glue your card to another piece of constructions paper. Be sure to write a cool message inside and outside.Step 6

Ta-da! A talking StoryBot, customized to be awesome! Try different size paper to make different size StoryBots. And don’t forget to send a pic of your creation on Twitter or Instagram!

Step 7helloGIF

Browse the full activity book here. Don’t forget to check out StoryBots’ library of videos, books, and activity sheets.

Are you a teacher who loves StoryBots? Fill out this form and we might share your story!