Let’s Make a Father’s Day Bow Tie

Father’s Day is coming up and we’ve got a gift you can make for just one dollar (or twenty…or a hundred!). Check out the steps below, taken from our Father’s Day Activity Book (download at StoryBots.com!).

Activity Sheets Template

fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 1fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 2fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 3fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 4fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 5fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 6fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 7fathersday_craft_moneybowtie 8

Download the entire Father’s Day Activity Book at StoryBots.com

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Let’s Make Spinning StoryBot Flyers

In the StoryBots Episode “How Do Airplanes Fly?” we found that *spoiler alert* airplanes fly using four forces: thrust, drag, lift, and weight.

Let’s make some spinning flyers that help us understand the magic of flight…also they’re just really fun to throw!


Print out the StoryBots Spinning Flyers Printable. Try printing it on different types of paper to test out different flyers. We tried card stock and regular printer paper in my experiment.

download and print.png


Cut on the solid lines only. Don’t cut the dotted lines.

cut it out 2.png



Fold the bottom in and up. Then make sure you fold the wings out in opposite directions.

fold the spinner

Take your flyer to a high spot and drop, or just see who can throw it the furthest. How long does it take to land? Can you add paperclips to make it spin more? Can you make it lighter? Ask some more questions and do some investigation yourself!

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