Back-to-School Activities with the StoryBots

Happy New Year!

After a long and (hopefully restful) winter break, it can be a challenge to get kids settled and engaged in school again. Get them excited to be back with StoryBots’ special Back-to-School activity book!

The 22-page book is printable and includes fun and educational games and projects that are perfect for both home and the classroom.

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New activity packet takes you Back to School — StoryBots Style!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 2.29.17 PMTime to set your schedules (and alarms!), sharpen pencils, and pack lunches — the new school year is HERE!

The StoryBots have whipped up a new back to school themed activity packet, just in time for the first school bell of the year. This 22-page activity packet contains word searches, coloring sheets, word tracing, recipes and lots of fun crafts. Together with your kids, you can create and decorate a one-of-a-kind pencil holder (in three different ways!), and make a healthy after school snack.

The packet also features essentials for the school year — like name labels, a calendar to keep track of (and learn!) the days of the week, and customized bookmarks.

Download for FREE here, and get your kids geared up for learning fun!