4 thoughts on “Books

  1. I thought I was a subscriber for the monthly book. I just received an email saying the April book was ready to download. I went to my jibjab app and it isn’t there. The May book icon is there , nothing fr April. What’s u?

    1. Hi Mary Jane,

      If you are subscribed to our monthly book plan, you will receive a push notification when the new book for the month is available. In the “My Books” section of the JibJab Jr. app home screen, swipe the book carousel from right to left and you should see the book at the end, wrapped up for you and ready for download. Click on the brown paper package and the book will install.

      One more thing to check is that your Ipad has enough storage capacity. If you have reached the Max Storage Capacity, you may not be able to see the new books. Please delete some items, if this is the case, and then you should be able to see the new books.

      If you have any other questions you can email us at jibjabjrhelp@jibjab.net. Thanks!

  2. I love your books and would like to showcase and review JibJab Jr. on sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. so that others will know about this wonderful app for the iPad. I currently have over 34,000 followers on Viddy, the number one free social video app in the app store with most of the users being kids. Who do I contact about getting permission?

    Thanks for any advice or help with my question.

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