Countdown to Summer with StoryBots

10, 9, 8… days left until summer (but who’s counting?). Download the StoryBots Countdown Calendar 2017 to celebrate each day with a different StoryBots Classroom activity. Print out the calendar, cut the front flaps, then glue or staple to the back piece. Each day surprise students with a new activity. Try StoryBots during morning meeting, story time, or right before dismissal!

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Download the StoryBots Summer Countdown 2017


Let’s Make Cosmic Sun Catchers


It’s your time to shine… and decorate your windows with these Cosmic Sun Catchers. I made mine with using contact paper, but you can also make these using the traditional glue/water mixture and wax paper. If you’re using our method, here’s what you need:

Step 1: Print out the template that you’ll be using. For my example, I’ll be making the Sun.


Step 2: Tape the template to a flat surface and roll out contact paper, sticky side up. Then tape down the edges.


Step 3: Cut out tissue paper into small squares and cover the entire template area.

giphy (23)

Step 4: Place another piece of contact paper onto the sun catcher, this time sticky-side down.


Step 5: Using the template as a guide, trim your sun catcher.


Step 6: Attach the eyes and mouth (For some characters, it’s easier to draw a mouth on with a marker). I also decided to cut out red triangles for the sun’s outline and sprinkle on some red “solar flares”.


tadaaaaa sun

Ta-daaa! Use double-stick tape to attach your creation to the window. Our template pack includes four stars, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. Craft them all to create a celestial scene!

Earth, Moon, Sun


Need a little cosmic inspiration? Check out our hit video “We Are the Planets”.

Share StoryBots with Your Squad


You understand the value (and fun) of StoryBots’ library of books, videos, and printable activities… why not share with other teachers? Use the Sharing Resources to spread the StoryBots love and check out the Class Resources (you’ll find certificates, bookmarks, and other useful printables).


Want to share StoryBots at a staff meeting or for your professional development? Print copies of the Teacher Handout or post in a central place (like by mailboxes or in the teacher’s lounge). Use the PDF Presentation to share a super-quick presentation at your next professional development of staff meeting.


Want to class up your classroom? Try these resources for a StoryBots Makeover. The StoryBots Art Pack has all your favorite characters to spruce up everything from newsletters to your classroom door! Use the certificates to celebrate successes, concept mastery, or for a birthday note. Laminate the classroom passes and make sure your students get safely to the office. As a reward (or to celebrate reading) print out the bookmarks; students can use these in the library, or just to mark what book they are working through.

Want to share how much you ❤️  StoryBots? Let us know here.

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StoryBots Wins Daytime Emmy Award



StoryBots picked up its first-ever Emmy this weekend at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, winning in the category of Outstanding Interactive Media – Enhancement to a Daytime Program or Series.

The win reflects StoryBots’ heritage as a deeply engaging interactive experience for children, recognizing our educational apps for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, as well as the new StoryBots Classroom platform for teachers.

Netflix’s Ask the StoryBots received five additional nominations, including for Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Program. A full list of winners is available here.

Team StoryBots thanks the Daytime Emmys and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for this incredible honor and congratulates all our fellow winners and nominees!

Check out some photos from Emmy night:

Let’s Make a Mother’s Day Bouquet

Moms are the original rockstars. They show us how to make the perfect grilled cheese, they know how to fix any injury, and they tell the best nighttime stories! Let’s make a simple craft that you can customize; make your Mom’s favorite flower (roses, sunflowers, hibiscus?). Hold on…I thought I saw a StoryBot around here somewhere. Any-who, let’s make an easy Mother’s Day Bouquet using tissue paper (an idea from our Mother’s Day Activity Book)!



Time to make the stems. I used coffee stirrers, but you can try pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, straws, or pencils.


We need something to display our dazzling decor. I’ll use a cardboard tube and some construction paper. That looks like…hmm…never mind. Let’s craft!


Check out some shots of the final product. Floral finesse at it’s finest.


Mom with Shadow

Click the thumbnail to download the StoryBots Mother’s Day Activity Book.

Love StoryBots? Learn more about our library of videos, books, and activity sheets at

Host a StoryBots Party!

At StoryBots HQ we love all celebrations, but when it’s a birthday it’s serious fun. And lucky for us we’ve got several birthdays coming up. You know what that means…birthday blowout! To get some inspiration we looked to our teachers, parents, and kids who have already hosted their own StoryBots-themed parties. So whether it’s your birthday, someone else’s, or just movie night, here’s a few ideas to take your event to the next level!Birthday Banner

Check out the StoryBots Birthday Activity Book to make some awesome invitations. Print them out, color them in, then send to awesome people who like parties!P1012617_clipped_rev_1

Story Bites

Savory snack – Story Bites: Take your favorite salty snack (we used cheese crackers) and attach our Birthday Labels to a container. You can repurpose old coffee cans, glass jars, or even food cartons (just be sure to clean them out!).

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