Harvard Ed.D. Jim Gray Reviews Beep & Boop

Recently, Beep & Boop, the StoryBots app that turns good behavior into a game, was reviewed by Jim Gray. With a doctorate of Education from Harvard, Jim has served as Director of Learning at LeapFrog Enterprises, and advisor to PBS KIDS Next Generation Media as well as Stanford University’s Program in Learning, Design and Technology. Below, he examines the psychology behind Beep & Boop and shares tips for how parents can best utilize the app.

What is Beep & Boop?

Beep & Boop is a multi-purpose parenting tool. Use it to guide your child towards more positive behaviors, more often. Promote social-emotional understanding by labeling behaviors that deserve a beep or a boop, and talking about related thoughts and feelings (“were you ‘gloating’?”). Support children’s patience and impulse control by setting goals together and talking about how to achieve them. As an added bonus, you can foster young children’s mathematical understanding by showing them their score and how each beep/boop point brings them closer or farther away from their goals. Continue reading “Harvard Ed.D. Jim Gray Reviews Beep & Boop”