Be a Part of Our Next TV Show!

We are looking for videos of kids asking questions for new episodes. Does your child have a question for the StoryBots? Just send us a clip. No fancy equipment is required: simply use the video camera on your mobile device to film a short clip of your child asking their question, and send it to by September 15.


To increase your child’s odds of getting chosen for a video, please follow these guidelines:

  • Shoot the video with your phone held horizontally, not up and down. Make sure that the video is landscape, not in portrait mode.
  • Greet the StoryBots. Have your child start off by greeting the StoryBots. Before they ask the question, have them say, “Hi StoryBots. My name is ________.” Please do NOT use your last name. First names only!
  • Get close to the camera. Shoot the video so that your child is looking directly in the camera and their face fills up as much of the screen as possible.
  • Film in a bright area with little noise. It’s best to shoot the video in a bright environment without any background noise. Make sure there’s no TV or music on in the background. We need to be able to see and hear your child!
  • Leave some extra footage. Film a few seconds before and after your child speaks, so the beginning and end of the video don’t get clipped too tight.
  • Film only one child at a time. If you have multiple kids, please film separate videos (with different questions).

If your child’s video is selected, we will contact you for next steps and to sign our release form. We will NEVER use a submission without your permission, and submitting a video is subject to the terms of service and privacy policy on

Don’t forget: videos must be sent to by September 15, 2016!

Thanks again for your interest!


19 thoughts on “Be a Part of Our Next TV Show!

  1. My little girl has several questions she would like to ask. Is there a limit on how many videos we can submit per child?

  2. Is there going to be another season of story bots?! All four of my boys, 7 year old, 3 year old, to my two year old twins- LOVE this show. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve rewatched it! We’ve also watched the sing songs over and over and over. This is one of the only shows my kids love that I can actually enjoy watching with them. I really hope you’re doing another season!!! And if so, my 7 year old would love to send in a video asking a question.

    1. I’m sure we will! Team 341B is currently working on SOO many questions in the field. Once they get back we’ll start adding some new questions.

  3. A question my kid asked is “where does water come from?” I did not know how to explain this in a way they could understand.

  4. Are you still taking questions until September? My daughter Gemma loves the show and has some questions she wants to ask the story bots! Thank you!

  5. Hello! I read the above posts and am hoping there will be another season! My 19 month old, Eli, LOVES this show. He wakes up and brings us the remote and he gets so excited. He says, “Bots” or “Ta-Da” when he wants to watch it. He won’t watch anything else…literally. He gets upset when we try to put something else on. He will lay for an entire episode watching this. And if you know any 19 month olds, you know they don’t sit still. Lol. He may be your biggest fan and his dad and I really wish there were more! ❤ It is a great show! Thanks!

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