The Story Behind StoryBots

Here at StoryBots Headquarters, we hear from A LOT of parents who love StoryBots just as much as their kids (if not more!).

It should be no surprise then that the creators of StoryBots are parents themselves. Brothers Evan and Gregg Spiridellis had both become first-time fathers in the late 2000s, and soon realized how difficult it was to find quality content for their kids, much less anything they could enjoy alongside them.

So, in true Spiridellis fashion, they decided to create it themselves.

Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis

The brothers certainly had the creativity and know-how to make it happen. They became early Internet stars when they started the digital entertainment company JibJab out of a Brooklyn garage in 1999. Their slew of politically-themed animated satire videos went viral in a pre-YouTube world, with 2004’s “This Land” becoming an international phenomenon.

The video became a centerpiece of the 2004 presidential election and was covered by The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN, Fox, CNBC, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and hundreds more. Peter Jennings even named the Spiridellis brothers “People of the Year” for ABC’s World News Tonight.

Evan and Gregg leveraged this success as they began innovating ecards, and in 2007, they introduced Starring You® technology, letting people put themselves in JibJab videos (it’s the same personalization that makes your kids the stars of their favorite StoryBots books, videos and games!).

JibJab has since grown into an iconic digital studio, with a massively popular website and apps like JibJab and GifGab, which let users create personalized ecards, videos and gifs.

Today, Evan and Gregg split their time between JibJab and StoryBots, with the help of an amazing team of artists, educators, technologists and business people. At the center of it all is a dedication to making people of all ages smile!


Gregg Spiridellis headshotRole: CEO and co-founder of JibJab and StoryBots; writer and executive producer of Ask the StoryBots; the voice of Boop

Favorite StoryBots Book: Who Invited the Penguins?

Favorite StoryBots Video: Big Brown Boogieing Bear

Favorite StoryBots Episode: How Does Night Happen?

Favorite JibJab Ecard/Gif: Silent Film, a Love Story



Evan SpiridellisRole: Chief creative officer and co-founder of JibJab and StoryBots; writer, director and executive producer of Ask the StoryBots; the voice of Hap

Favorite StoryBots Book: Backwards Day

Favorite StoryBots Video: I couldn’t even name a favorite SERIES, much less a favorite video! I sincerely love them all for different reasons.

Favorite StoryBots Episode: The one I am currently working 🙂

Favorite JibJab Ecard/Gif: I Got You Babe


Visit the and download the JibJab and GifGab apps to make and share funny gifs, videos and ecards starring you.