New to StoryBots Classroom?


StoryBots Classroom gives teachers access to our entire library of educational books, videos, and games, with the ability to share the same activities used in class with parents for free.

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A StoryBots Starring You Book!

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StoryBots Classroom offers two types of books. Learning Books are nonfiction stories with page-by-page narration, making them perfect for introducing a lesson, reviewing materials, and independent practice. Starring You Books are animated stories that feature a student’s face and name, creating a highly personalized experience.

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There are also two types of videos. Learning Videos are short, animated musical videos that explore a wide range of topics, while Starring You Videos put students in the action, too!

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Our standards-aligned Math Games let you review core math concepts with the whole class. Students are called one at a time to answer a short math question.

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An Addition-themed Math Game

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For offline practice, check out our Printables for ABCs, numbers, holidays and more! Packets include activities like coloring pages, crafts, and writing practice.

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StoryBots Classroom gives teachers exclusive access to full episodes of our Emmy Award-winning Netflix shows, Ask the StoryBots and StoryBots Super Songs!

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The Backpack has two main functions. 1) It’s a great way to keep your favorites or planned activities easily accessible. 2) It gives teachers the ability to curate and share content with parents for free!

The Backpack can hold up to six activities. You can change them as often as you like, but we recommend updating the Backpack at least once a week to help keep students engaged.

Click Invite Parents or to go Settings and click Manage Class to share your unique classroom link with parents. Once a parent uses that link to sign up, they’ll have 100% FREE access to whatever is in your Backpack. It’s great for introducing or reinforcing lessons at home.

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StoryBots Classroom is perfect for storytime, a wiggle break, longer lessons, or even when you have a few extra minutes before the bell rings!


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