At StoryBots HQ, we were looking for a craft that was easy and didn’t require many materials! So we headed down to our dollar store to find some supplies and…ta-daaa!…we found these pipe cleaners. This summer craft can end up being so many things too. Try making animals, shapes, or even your name! However, our fuzzy pipe cleaners are about to turn into our StoryBots friends: Bang, Bing, Beep, Boop, and Bo!

Just Pipe Cleaners

Step 1: Supplies!

We used pipe cleaners to make our fuzzy StoryBots! They are easy to cut, but be careful wit the cut edges. You can also use nail clippers (so you don’t dull your scissors).

wrap pencils with red pipecleaner.jpg

Step 2: Make the bodies!

Use a pen or pencil to tightly wrap the pipe cleaner into a cylinder shape. You make several different shapes

StoryBots Characters Bodies

Step 3: Roll call

Here’s the beginning of our StoryBots characters!

StoryBots with legs.jpg

Step 4: Add the legs

We use half a pipe cleaner to make the legs. Fold in half and insert into the bottom, then push until it’s almost to the top!

Bang with Arms

Step 5: Add the arms

Use a pipe cleaner and thread it through the body. For added security, thread it between the pipecleaner being used for the legs.

-Bang Completed with Details

Step 6: Finishing touches

We added googly eyes, silver pipe cleaner pieces, and wrapped a pipe cleaner to make the StoryBot feet. Bang is looking pretty good.


The gang’s all here! These StoryBot characters are bendy, so you can pose them, attach them to things (like pencils, and make your own adventures!

Share your StoryBots, or your own creations, with us on Instagram…don’t forget to tag @StoryBots!

Ask the StoryBots and StoryBots Super Songs are streaming all-summer on Netflix.

Check it out!


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