StoryBots Summer STEM Challenge: Bots

Noodle STEM Challenge

Team 341B is into learning. Like really into learning. They love it so much it’s their full-time job. For this Summer STEM Challenge, we decided to create some StoryBots who actually move…or dance!

Challenge: Design a battery-powered dancing StoryBot!


Step 1: Cut the noodle

👩‍👧 This is a grown-up job. You’ll need to cut the pool noodle to a smaller size. I cut Bang to about 7 inches tall. You need to make sure it’s tall enough for the toothbrush to fit inside.

Noodle Size Cut.jpg

Step 2: Load the motor

In our case, the motor is an electric toothbrush. If possible, pop the top brush part off.

Load the Motor Final Edit

Step 3: Cut out the eyes

Download and print out our StoryBots Summer STEM Challenge Eyes! Use the same color, or mix it up! It’s your StoryBot, right?! Attach the eyes with tape or glue.

Print Out Eyes StoryBots

Step 4: Insert toothpicks in the bottom

Being very careful with the toothpicks, insert three into the bottom, making a triangle. This will help reduce friction and make your StoryBot a little more mobile! *To make your StoryBot less sharp, try cutting off the pointy tip of each toothpick.

Insert ToothPicks

Step 5: Power UP!

Switch the toothbrush on, then place on a very smooth surface. You StoryBot should wiggle, spin, and even travel a little. What surfaces work best with your StoryBot?

Extension Ideas

There’s many variables you can change:

  • Make your StoryBots really short or super tall!
  • Can you make a track (with walls) that the StoryBot can follow?
  • Attach markers, crayons, paint brushes, or colored pencils to your StoryBot to create a StoryBots Doodle Bot! Place on a piece of paper to create a masterpiece.
We attached markers to our StoryBot to create a wiggly, squiggly work of art!

What does your StoryBot do? Draw? Spin? Chase the cat? Let’s us know and use the #summerSTEMchallenge on Instagram and Twitter! Don’t forget to tag us, @StoryBots!

Hope your summer is full of curiosity, questions, and some really silly songs. You can find even more fun stuff at!

Ask the StoryBots and StoryBots Super Songs are streaming all-summer on Netflix. Check it out!

Noodle STEM Challenge

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