At StoryBots HQ we love all celebrations, but when it’s a birthday it’s serious fun. And lucky for us we’ve got several birthdays coming up. You know what that means…birthday blowout! To get some inspiration we looked to our teachers, parents, and kids who have already hosted their own StoryBots-themed parties. So whether it’s your birthday, someone else’s, or just movie night, here’s a few ideas to take your event to the next level!Birthday Banner

Check out the StoryBots Birthday Activity Book to make some awesome invitations. Print them out, color them in, then send to awesome people who like parties!P1012617_clipped_rev_1

Story Bites

Savory snack – Story Bites: Take your favorite salty snack (we used cheese crackers) and attach our Birthday Labels to a container. You can repurpose old coffee cans, glass jars, or even food cartons (just be sure to clean them out!).

Bang's Party Mix.png

Sweet SnackBang’s Party Mix: It’s like Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo got stuck during a snack attack. We used colored chocolate candies, pretzels, cereal, and other munchies to make a sweet and salty party mix. Find a cool container and attach label.

Bing Burp.png

BeverageBing’s BURP Punch: We used a clear container and lemonade to make Bing’s Burp Punch. For a real party punch of flavor, add scoops of frozen ice cream or sorbet. Cut out the Bing Eyes, and attach to your punch container. *You can experiment with other StoryBots and flavors! Beep’s Limeade? Yes, please!

Party Hats 2

CraftParty Hats: Grab the template, scissors (no running!), and some string to make these party hats! You can add special touches like pom-poms, glitter or my favorite, googly eyes.

Bo Birthday Blog Post Titles.png

CakeStoryBots Cupcakes: Make (or in my case, buy) your favorite cupcakes. Using white icing and food coloring, top each cupcake with red, green, blue, yellow, or purple icing. Place into the StoryBots Cupcake Wrappers, then add the StoryBots Eye Printable eyes. Sweet!

Party Time Banner

Make a scene with items you already have; add a bit of construction paper and like magic you’ve set the scene. Check out all the photos in our gallery below.

Share your awesome StoryBot Party (birthday or otherwise) with us on Instagram and Twitter! Have your own idea? Cheers 🎉 🎂

Templates and Downloads:

Birthday StoryBots Party Kit with Shadow

Click the thumbnails to download the StoryBots Birthday Activity Book and the StoryBots Party Kit.

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