Let’s Make…StoryBot Eggs!

Spring Eggs Banner for Blog

It’s that time of year when people hide candy in their yard and I have to go find it (Did someone say chocolate?). You can keep your treats in these adorable StoryBot Eggs! This super simple craft is the perfect low-mess afternoon craft. P1012488.png
Here’s what you need

  1. Print out the “StoryBots Eye Printable” here. Get creative! You can make one of our good friends, Bing, Bang, Boop, Beep, and Bo, or create your own character. Cut out your favorite set of eyes, and use clear tape to attach to your plastic egg.Step2 Spring Eggs
  2. To make a stand for your StoryBots egg, cut a small strip of paper out and tape the ends together.step 3
  3. Ta-Daaa! Time to make more! I made one for all my favorite StoryBots (ok, I like them all). Check out how they turned out!Final StoryBot Eggs.png
    Looks like Bo’s playing hide-and-seek!
    Fill your StoryBots with treats!
    Taking time to relax after answering questions.
    The StoryBots are in formation.

    Don’t forget to snap a pic of your creation on Twitter or Instagram! Browse all our Spring Activities here. For more imaginative play, check out StoryBots’ library of videos, books, and activity sheets.

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