Our First Ever “Kid Day!”


IMG_0380We recently hosted our first ever “Kid Day” here in sunny Venice, California, opening our doors to let children overrun the StoryBots Headquarters with giggles, goofs and playful energy. We had tons of fun learning with the StoryBots apps, watching sneak previews of new videos, coloring pictures and doing word searches. The kids hung out with our StoryBots staffers (who are of course just big kids themselves!) as they read Starring You®  books, played Tap & Sing, made talking-head StoryBot crafts, and even ate pizza! They even had a chance to sit with our animators for an up-close look at how all the fun gets created.

IMG_0425Our favorite part was seeing the conference room table surrounded by little ones, weighing in on their pics for best learning videos.  It was just awesome to have the kids and their big energy around the office, and we are overflowing with inspiration to create lots more learning fun!

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