Introducing $4.99 All-Access Family Pass

Hello Grownups!

Thanks for being one of the earliest friends and supporters of StoryBots.  Since we have launched, you have watched over 7 million StoryBots videos, put your faces into 500K personalized videos, read more than 3 million personalized iPad books, and given over 500,000 Beeps and Boops. It’s been very, very busy here!

Today, we are excited to announce two changes that make everything in the StoryBots universe easier to use and even more affordable.

First, the characters you create and faces you upload to or using any of our apps are now accessible to you in all of our other apps.  For example, if you create kid characters in our StoryBooks app, you can simply log into Beep & Boop and the same faces will be there, too.  Hooray for more fun and learning and less time uploading photos!

Second, StoryBots now has a new and improved pricing plan.  Today, for only $4.99 a month, our All-Access Family Pass gets you everything in the StoryBots universe — including 7 apps, 26 books, 36 videos and 124 activity sheets, with new goodies added every month.

Why did we go with a simple one-price plan instead of charging for every little thing?  A subscription approach lets us keep in-app payments far away from kids — and keeps our products 100% free of advertising.  It’s the kind of peace of mind we want as parents for our families, and we think you deserve the same.

Thank you again for all your support and friendliness.  We invented StoryBots for our own families and nothing could make us happier than the fact that so many of you have invited us into your homes.  If there is ANYTHING we can do make your experience with StoryBots more fun or more pleasant, please email us here.

Happy Parenting,

Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Brothers, Co-Founders, Dads

14 thoughts on “Introducing $4.99 All-Access Family Pass

    1. Hi Pam- if you have StoryBooks right now, you can update to the latest version to sign up. Does that help? Please let us know if you still have any trouble!

      1. Hi Susan- you can update within the app. It should prompt you the next time you log in. Thanks!

    1. Hi Barb- we hope to have it on Android’s system down the line. For now, we take quality control extremely seriously, which is why we launched with just iPhone and iPad to start. Thanks for the feedback, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news. Thanks!

  1. Thanks! Teaching on a shoestring just got easier! My students love it when we read your stories. They enjoy having a turn to be the main character. I know they go home and get the app for their families to read together too! Thanks for making reading fun!

  2. All I want is more stories and songs to put my grandson’s face into online. I do not have an iphone. I can’t figure out how to join to do this.

  3. You guys messed up a good thing. As an original purchaser and subscriber to the app, I am glad iTunes automatically ended my original subscription. I love the books and so did my kids. It was great bed time reading.
    Let me know when you go back to the old business model.
    This is jib jab’s “Quickter” moment, unfortunately.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, and sorry that it didn’t get approved right away- I promise that was a result of the notification system error and not us trying to hide it, haha.

      We really appreciate your feedback. The reasoning behind the change in model was to offer the entire StoryBots universe- 7 apps, 27 books, 36 videos, 124 activity sheets, and more new goodies every month for one low price. It didn’t feel right to offer a la carte and charge $7.99 for an individual book anymore. The move is meant to be easier and get more content for less money. Thanks again for your thoughts, and please keep in touch!

  4. I thought that I already paid Monthly. What is different? Also,
    is there anyway to actually speak to someone to find out. I teach pre-school. I use Storybots in my class. love it!

    1. Hi Gayle, it will still be a monthly price. The difference now is that it will be $4.99 for unlimited books and all the StoryBots apps. As for teaching pre school, we can definitely help you out! Can you email so we can talk further? Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your suggestion! We’d love to be on Android devices in the future! Be sure to check out all the great content on the StoryBots website at, including Starring You Videos, Starring You Books, and ABC Videos. 🙂

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