Meet the StoryBots + FREE ‘Starring You’ Videos!

Greetings JibJab Jr. fans!

First of all, my brother and I want to thank you for using JibJab Jr. Books. Since launching the product a year ago, we have been floored by the positive response from kids and parents alike. In fact, that reaction — combined with the fact that we like creating stuff for our own kids — inspired us to create an entire universe of fun and learning called StoryBots™.

The StoryBots are brightly-colored, perpetually positive little creatures who live beneath our screens and make learning fun for kids — and easy for parents!

Today, we are pleased to announce four FREE StoryBots products including:

  • Starring You® Videos – Create free personalized videos set to classic songs and share it with Grandma, Grandpa, or anyone else you’d like! If your kids like starring in our books, they’ll LOVE starring in StoryBots music videos! Create Videos »
  • Activity Sheets – Choose from 100+ free printable activity sheets, add crayons, and get your child to put down the iPad for a little while. You might just get a half-hour to yourself! You can thank us later. Print Activities »
  • ABC Videos – Join the StoryBots as they sing about each letter of the alphabet in the ABC Jamboree series! Warning: Expect delightful giggles as your child learns the shapes and sounds of the letters with these catchy tunes. Learn ABCs »
  • Beep & Boop™ – Implement this StoryBots reward program and return sanity to your home! This simple, free iPhone app turns learning good behavior into a game that is fun for both kids AND parents. Seriously! Download App »

Last, but certainly not least, we want you to know that next month we’re releasing an update to our JibJab Jr. Books app that brings it into the StoryBots world. After the update, the app will still have all the books your kids love, but it will just look different and load a ton faster. Click here for a sneak peek at the new app and more information on the transition.

Thank you for your support. It’s given us the courage to build more products that help kids and parents laugh and learn together. We hope you enjoy this free bundle of family fun as a small token of our appreciation for your support!


Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
Co-Founders, Brothers & Dads

2 thoughts on “Meet the StoryBots + FREE ‘Starring You’ Videos!

  1. Love StoryBots and appreciate your enthusiasm towards your customers!! I’m spreading the word. I have a 4 year old son who has Autism. Not only goes he LOVE StoryBots, now his teachers do as well. His preschool teachers now use your app for various things in the classroom. Keep up the good work. Thank you 🙂

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