The Pet Grockle Puppet!

In our animated children’s book, The Pet Grockle, your child meets a cute, friendly Grockle on the playground and decides to take it home.  We were so in love with the illustrations created by the super talented Nate Wragg, that our in house puppet maker, Mike, got to work bringing this little monster to life!  After finding the right materials to create this furry red guy, Mike spent the next 2 weeks cutting, gluing and sewing to create the real life Grockle.

In the story, the Grockle is known for bouncing off the walls and causing ruckus around town, but putting him in puppet form may have calmed him down a bit.

Nate Wragg is a CalArts grad and has worked as an Illustrator and Character Designer on various projects-including Ratatouille  & Toy Story 3.  “His creative and fun illustrations were really fun to bring to life,” says Mike.

The Grockle and Mike.

For a full preview of this book and a few of the animated pages, click here. To download “Pet Grockle,” visit the JibJab Jr. Books app on iTunes.

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