Pack Your Gear For A Camping Adventure!

Our featured book for August is Camping Adventures, the story of a young explorer and a little feathered friend who set out together for a fun-filled overnight stay in the great outdoors!

Check out the full book preview and a few of the animated pages here. To download “Camping Adventures,” visit the JibJab Jr.Books app on iTunes.

About the Artists

Ashlyn Anstee  grew up in a rainy city, moved to a snowy city, and now lives in a sunny city. She writes and illustrates books for JibJab. When she grows up, she would like very much to eat cake, wear dresses, and raise monsters in her backyard. You can also see some more of her art at

Jacob Streilein is from Durham, North Carolina where he grew up drawing cartoons for his school newspaper and screen printing thousands of T-Shirts in his friends’ kitchen every weekend. He is studying animation at CalArts, but he occasionally misses the deep fried goodness of the dirty South. He listens to rap and despises country music.

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