Go On Your Very Own African Adventure

In our latest monthly tale, your child gets to join the animals for wild and woolly fun on the African plains. African Adventure features a young explorer who experiences first hand what the animals do when they’re not hunting and grazing.  A friendly chimp leads your child to a secret jungle clearing for some zebra zip-lining, hornbill hang gliding and more, culminating in an animal dance-off!

Check out the full book preview and a few of the animated pages here. To download “African Adventure,” visit the JibJab Jr.Books app on iTunes.

About the Artist

Kai Wu grew up in southern China and moved to Washington D.C. after middle school. After his 2011 summer internship at JibJab, he returned to CalArts to refine his cartoon-drawing talents, but not before illustrating Ocean Commotion. His favorite books as a kid were Dr. Slump, a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama about a misbehaved robot girl. He also swears that even as a kid he loved his fruits and veggies.

One thought on “Go On Your Very Own African Adventure

  1. I love jib jab jr. I was very excited to see the african adventure sine I have been to Africa three times myself. I read the book with a three year old. I told her that I had once seen 14 giraffe at the same time. She wanted to know why we didn’t slide down their necks. I would have to say that while the art work is amazing and the animations are fun, I am disappointed that the wildlife was portrayed as “touchable.” while I realize there are lots of books available that deal with environmental issues, I would have liked to have seen a little more realistic interpretation. Other than that, it was lots of fun.

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