One Kid Circus Takes Center Ring!

When all the circus performers get sick, a courageous ringmaster takes on every role from the hilarious clown to a fearless lion tamer to put on a sensational show & save the circus! After all, the show must go on in our new title, “One Kid Circus!”

Watch as your little ringmaster flies on the trapeze, jumps through flaming hoops, juggles on the tightrope, and more. Check out the full book preview and plus a few of the animated pages here. To download “One Kid Circus,” visit the JibJab Jr. Books app on iTunes.

About the Artist

Scott MacDonaldScott MacDonald was born and raised on Cape Breton Island and currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his girlfriend, Australian Cattle Dog and Bobtail Cat. He has loved to draw for as long as he can remember so naturally he gravitated toward studying graphic design and classical animation after high school. He has worked professionally as a designer and animation artist within the Animation Industry and more recently the Video Game Industry for almost 10 years. He has worked on shows such as Johnny Test, Delilah and Julius, Kid vs Kat, and My Little Pony.  He also enjoys riding his bike and eating good food with friends.

2 thoughts on “One Kid Circus Takes Center Ring!

  1. I only signed up for one month of JibJab but I am still getting the books. I need a refund for the past two months.

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