It’s Hard to Stop Those Dancin’ Feet

Get ready to have some toe tapping fun this month in our most rhythmic story yet– Dancin’ Feet!  In this book a child gets the dancing bug & performs a whole repertoire of great moves.

Each page features a different dance (everything from the jitterbug to the hula) and its own musical accompaniment!  Check out the full book preview and plus a few of the animated pages here. To download and boogie along with “Dancin’ Feet,” visit the JibJab Jr. Books app on iTunes.

About the Artist

Romney Caswell  has illustrated since kindergarten. He grew up in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California where he learned how to juggle on a unicycle while eating an apple. He studied animation at CalArts, and joined JibJab in 2009. One of his favorite books as a kid was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle whose house was upside down. When illustrating JibJab Jr. he draws them for “the younger me.”

Jeff Liu realized at an early age that he had lacked the talent required to become a doctor and instead decided to go to school for animation. He attended CalArts and graduated with a degree in character animation. Soon after graduating, he was hired as an animator at JibJab. Jeff specializes in animating dance cycles and shiny stuff. He also plays music and likes to eat food.

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