Have Some Goofy Grownup Fun

Goofy Grownup

Happy 2012! We’ve just released our first book of the year and the 10th in the JibJab Jr. library. “Goofy Grownup” is a story about a kid who imagines what it would be like to do any silly thing that comes to mind without any adult saying, “No!” From building a waterslide into the bathtub to living in a rainbow house, the kid imagines all of the amazing fun he could have if only he had the freedom of being a grownup.

As kids see themselves in these silly situations and imagine what they would do as the grownup them, hopefully moms and dads will remember what it was like to be a kid and let the goofy grownup inside have some fun in the new year.

For a full preview of this book and a few of the animated pages, click here. To download “Goofy Grownup,” visit the JibJab Jr. Books app on iTunes.

About the Artist

Romney Caswell  has illustrated since kindergarten. He grew up in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California where he learned how to juggle on a unicycle while eating an apple. He studied animation at CalArts, and joined JibJab in 2009. One of his favorite books as a kid was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle whose house was upside down. When illustrating JibJab Jr. he draws them for “the younger me.”

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