A Perfect Princess Story!

This super sweet fairy tale is pure sugar and spice, and everything nice. The whimsical illustrations of “A Perfect Princess Day” will enchant every little girl who dreams of flying ponies, magic castles and play dates with her besties. It’s pretty much the opposite of our rough-and-tumble book, “Trucks.”

Since shopping with friends, afternoon beauty treatments, and partying with fellow princess pals is something most girls never outgrow, this story is equally entertaining to grown up princesses as they read it to their little ones.

For a full preview of this book and a few of the animated pages, click here. To download “A Perfect Princess Day,” visit the JibJab Jr. Books app on iTunes.

About the Illustrator

Brigette BarragerBrigette Barrager is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer of children’s books. She attended CalArts for character animation, where she met some of the coolest people ever. She worked at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios before taking the plunge into the world of freelance, where she lived happily ever after. Brigette lives in Los Angeles with her husband and adorable dog.

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