Our Holiday Book Is Here!

Saving Christmas Cover

When Santa falls down the chimney and twists his ankle, your kid will have to finish delivering toys to all the kids across the globe in order to save Christmas!

Art & Animation by Alex Chechick and Jeff Liu

Alex Chechik grew up in Toronto, Canada and studied animation at Sheridan College in Ontario. His favorite book as a kid was The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess, and his favorite artist today is Gustav Klimt. As a kid he would wander off to explore the city by myself and not tell anyone. The worry turned his parents’ hair grey. Alex’s work can also be found at www.alexchechik.com

Jeff LiuJeff Liu realized at an early age that he had lacked the talent required to become a doctor and instead decided to go to school for animation. He attended CalArts and graduated with a degree in character animation. Soon after graduating, he was hired as an animator at JibJab. Jeff specializes in animating dance cycles and shiny stuff. He also plays music and likes to eat food.

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