Homework Assignment Tool Now Available

Our new Homework Assignment tool helps you get your students practicing their math skills outside of the classroom, too! Simply create a lesson using our Lesson Planner and select Assign as Homework. You can choose which students receive the assignment and the due date, and parents will get an e-mail or printed alert with a link to the assigned activities.

Lesson Plans: Use Ours or Make Your Own!

Our Lesson Planner tool now offers 10 ready-to-use Math Skills lesson plans! Designed by early education experts, our StoryBots Lesson Plans are aligned against Common Core standards to put your students on the path to success. You can also create your own custom lesson plans to fit your students’ unique needs.

Books, Videos, Games and More

Click START CLASS to unlock hundreds of educational books, videos and activities for your class! Our expansive new suite of classroom-ready content includes a library of 110 Learning Videos, Starring You and Learning Books to help kids practice reading, Starring You Videos that can be used for brain breaks, 350+ printable Activity Sheets and the just-released Math Skills games, an extensive collection of standards-aligned, kindergarten-level math games. Start learning today!

Create Custom Lesson Plans

Start creating your own custom lesson plans with our all-new Lesson Planner tool! Build your own curriculum by selecting and arranging the StoryBots Skills lessons that best meet your students’ needs. The lesson plans you create can be assigned to the whole class, small groups or even individual students. Visit the Teachers’ Lounge to start building your lesson plans today!

New Feature: Group Builder!

It’s now even easier to put your students on their own learning path to success with our all-new Group Builder tool. The Group Builder lets you create custom saved groups of your students, so you can quickly and easily assign these small groups to the right Skills lessons. Helpful hint: you can add each student to more than one group, and groups can be as small as one person.

Text-to-Speech Is Now Live

StoryBots Skills just got a whole lot better! Students can now hear each question read to them by pressing the Text-to-Speech button, helping them complete more activities at home and independently.

TIP: Encourage students to practice reading before clicking – whether in a big group or by themselves.

Prepare your best monster impression for World Read Aloud Day!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.19.38 PM

The StoryBots are super excited to support World Read Aloud Day! Celebrated on the first Wednesday in March, World Read Aloud Day, or WRAD, is dedicated to taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people. World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words, especially those words that are shared from one person to another, and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to a safe education and access to books and technology.

Of course, a great way to celebrate this day and support the cause is to spend some time reading aloud to your child from Starring You Books! Have your child pick his/her favorite book, and settle in for some epic story time.

Here are some tips for reading aloud from LitWorld:

  • Be animated and use a voice that matches the expressions and emotions of the characters during a read aloud to bring the experience alive for listeners.
  • Use different voices for different characters so that children come to recognize dialogue within a text and individual character traits.
  • Ask questions as you read. Ask children to predict what will happen next, or the meaning of a vocabulary word that might be new.
  • Allow children to ask you questions and model the behaviors of an active reader, such as looking back to the text to answer questions.
  • After you finish the story, have a conversation that focuses on connecting the text to the children’s life, their favorite books, or any connections the children come up with.

Check out this kit with even more ideas on how you can celebrate the day!