Let’s Make Dragon Eggs

If you’ve been on StoryBots you’ve probably read “My Pet Dragon“, the story of a very unlikely friendship! Inspired by the magic of finding a baby dragon, let’s design our very own dragon eggs!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • plastic eggs
  • air dry clay (two colors)
  • glitter
  • mixing bowl
  • optional: tape, paint


Step 1: Tape your egg closed and cover it in clay.

Step 2 Final.jpg

Step 2: In a bowl, mix a different color clay with some glitter.

glitter bowl.jpg

Step 3: Pull the clay into small circles. These will be the “bumps” of our egg!

ingredients (1).jpg

Step 4: Carefully smush your tiny circles onto the egg, creating whatever pattern you like

ingredients (2).jpg

Tadaa! Look at our dragon eggs!


Family Conversations Ideas


What kind of dragon egg did you make?

Where would your dragon live?

What would it be like to have a dragon as a pet?

Red the Dragon Bookmark Papercraft

Train your dragon to save your spot in a book with this printable bookmark papercraft!

Folding Directions Strip 5 Across.pngPDFSbackground (2).pngTake an adventure with your own pet dragon, then be sure to share your dragon craft projects with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag us (@StoryBots)!

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Love’s Not Just a Word!

Celebrate love all February with the StoryBots and our collection of heart-warming books, videos and games:

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StoryBots Scavenger Hunt!

Untitled (8)It’s back to school and that means more learning, more questions, and more StoryBots! To get you back into the swing, we’ve created a super simple #StoryBotsScavengerHunt for your classroom. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Print the #StoryBotsScavengerHunt.
  2. Complete and cross off each activity with your class.
  3. Snap a selfie and share using #StoryBotsScavengerHunt!*

We’ll pick a few classrooms each week to receive a copy of ABC Jamboree for their classroom library!


*Winners will be picked from submissions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Click here to download the #StoryBotsScavengerHunt


How do I enter?

To enter, snap a selfie (or class photo) of you and your completed #StoryBotsScavengerHunt. We’ll select entries and contact you via social media. Don’t forget to follow us so we can send you a message if you win.

Can anyone participate?

Anyone can complete the activities and post pictures, but only teachers can participate in the contest and we’re only giving away books to teachers (because classrooms need more books).

Will everyone receive a book?

No – we’ll randomly select a few classrooms to receive books.

What’s the hashtag?


What social media can I post to?

We’ll be able to gather posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag, and that your account isn’t private (otherwise we won’t see your post). We also recommend following us so we can send you a message if you win.

Official Contest Rules

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