Evan Spiridellis
is the co-founder and one of the CEO Guys at JibJab. He studied drawing and painting but after school got into photography and puppet making. “I started JibJab in ’99 with my brother and everyday since has been an adventure. I love making stuff for the interweb.”

Brigette BarragerBrigette Barrager is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer of children’s books. She attended CalArts for character animation, where she met some of the coolest people ever. She worked at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios before taking the plunge into the world of freelance, where she lived happily ever after. Brigette lives in Los Angeles with her husband and adorable dog.

Betsy BauerBetsy Bauer is an illustrator and character designer. She’s a visual development artist at Digital Domain’s Tradition Studios, currently working on “The Legend of Tembo.” She graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design with a degree in computer animation, and interned at Sony Pictures Animation. Betsy is originally from northeast Ohio, but now lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida with her dog Kobie.

Romney Caswell  has illustrated since kindergarten. He grew up in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California where he learned how to juggle on a unicycle while eating an apple. He studied animation at CalArts, and joined JibJab in 2009. One of his favorite books as a kid was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle whose house was upside down. When illustrating JibJab Jr. he draws them for “the younger me.”

Alex Chechik grew up in Toronto, Canada and studied animation at Sheridan College in Ontario. His favorite book as a kid was The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess, and his favorite artist today is Gustav Klimt. As a kid he would wander off to explore the city by myself and not tell anyone. The worry turned his parents’ hair grey. Alex’s work can also be found at www.alexchechik.com

Mike Chiechi likes to play the drums and make puppets. He was born in Staten Island, NY and later moved to Freehold, NJ. Jim Henson has been the biggest inspiration on all of his work. He also loves the 1932 film Frankenstein and swears to have seen it at least a million times. His favorite books as a kid were Superman comics and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Kevin Elam joined JibJab in 2004 after studying film in Canada and animation in Los Angeles. Back in the day, he shared a tiny workspace with co-founders Gregg and Evan Spiridellis and their three dogs. He was raised one part city boy (Los Angeles) and one part country boy (Kern River, CA), and finds everyday inspiration in people and nature. His favorite books as a kid were Ed Emberly’s drawing books and Dr. Seuss.

Scott Emmons  is the storytelling genius and author of JibJab Jr. books. He grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and always loved fun rhymes, especially Dr. Seuss as a kid. He earned a Ph.D. in Greek and Latin Classics and taught college for three years. He joined JibJab from the humor writing staff at Hallmark where he also published children’s books. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, son, and an enormous gray cat named Gus.

Dylan Forman

Dylan Forman was born and grew up in Lake Peekskill, NY. He studied animation at CalArts and interned at JibJab in 2010. He works in Burbank as a freelance designer and his favorite movie by far is Magnolia.

Jeff Liu

Jeff Liu realized at an early age that he had lacked the talent required to become a doctor and instead decided to go to school for animation. He attended CalArts and graduated with a degree in character animation. Soon after graduating, he was hired as an animator at JibJab. Jeff specializes in animating dance cycles and shiny stuff. He also plays music and likes to eat food.

John Martz is a cartoonist and illustrator. He started his career as a graphic designer, creating animation and motion graphics for television. His comics and illustrations can be seen in kids’ magazines, The Globe and Mail, numerous comics anthologies, and Hallmark greeting cards. John loves picture books, and has been collecting them since he was a kid. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his girlfriend and their dog Gary, named after the cartoonist Gary Panter.

Justin Parpan made monster movies with his brothers during family road trips, and his thesis project at CalArts was a children’s book about a lonely dinosaur, which he published and toured throughout California schools and libraries. Parpan joined JibJab in 2007. In his free time he sells his artwork at shows like Comic Con, San Diego’s Tiki Oasis, and various California galleries.

Andy Scott  uprooted from Columbus, Ohio and moved to Venice Beach to join Team JibJab as a full-time designer. He graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design and his favorite artists include Lester Beall and Shepard Fairey. Andy’s tattoos are parents-approved. They were there when he got his first one. And he also likes to sew.

Jeff Shiffman Jeff Shiffman has worked as a sound designer on a bunch of great TV shows like Johnny Test, Kick Buttowski and Thundercats!However,  JibJab Jr. is the biggest hit amongst his awesome nieces and nephew. He studied percussion at the Indiana University School of Music and enjoys composing for film and JibJab when he’s not making fart sounds for TV. Read about his sound design adventures at soundslikejeff.com

Nate SwinehartNate Swinehart rode in from the rugged wilds of Columbus, Ohio with a tablet pen in his left hand and a Rock Band mic in his right. He was raised by a family of athletes but studied animation, illustration and theater. After sampling the living conditions of Japan, Alaska and the marshes of Savannah, he happily acclimated to JibJab headquarters in Venice Beach. Nate enjoys video games, playing piano and singing, loudly. He’s the proud uncle of four, and excited to make cool stories for them.

Philip Vose was born and raised in Fremont, California where he could always be found doodling in his notebook. He earned a BFA at CalArts, specializing in character animation, where he studied with art masters Frank Terry, Cornelius Cole III and E. Mike Mitchell. In 2008, he collaborated on JibJab’s political videos. Now he’s returned to illustrate for JibJab Jr. He’s a movie buff of many genres. But as a kid, his mom could only get him to sit still for Where’s Waldo?

Eddie West grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and picked up serious animation skills at Sheridan College before joining Team JibJab. His favorite artists include Seth Engstrom, Peter De Seve, Nicolas Marlet and Sylvain Marc. He’s teaching himself how to play piano and his favorite book is still Dinotopia, a story about a father and son who discover an island inhabited by people and dinosaurs living together. See more of his work at spottedart.blogspot.com.

Kai Wu grew up in southern China and moved to Washington D.C. after middle school. After his 2011 summer internship at JibJab, he returned to CalArts to refine his cartoon-drawing talents, but not before illustrating Ocean Commotion. His favorite books as a kid were Dr. Slump, a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama about a misbehaved robot girl. He also swears that even as a kid he loved his fruits and veggies.

Nate Wragg is a CalArts grad, has worked as an Illustrator and Character Designer on various projects-including Ratatouille  & Toy Story 3.  Nate’s work can be seen in a few children’s books including Too Many Cooks  for Disney Publishing and he recently had a successful solo show of his fine art work (LOCALS) at Gallery Nucleus.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Crystal.

Scott MacDonaldScott MacDonald was born and raised on Cape Breton Island and currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his girlfriend, Australian Cattle Dog and Bobtail Cat. He has loved to draw for as long as he can remember so naturally he gravitated toward studying graphic design and classical animation after high school. He has worked professionally as a designer and animation artist within the Animation Industry and more recently the Video Game Industry for almost 10 years. He has worked on shows such as Johnny Test, Delilah and Julius, Kid vs Kat, and My Little Pony.  He also enjoys riding his bike and eating good food with friends.

Ashlyn Anstee  grew up in a rainy city, moved to a snowy city, and now lives in a sunny city. She writes and illustrates books for JibJab. When she grows up, she would like very much to eat cake, wear dresses, and raise monsters in her backyard. You can also see some more of her art at ashlyna.blogspot.com.


Joey Chou has worked as an illustrator for animated features, TV shows and children’s books. He graduated from Art Center College of Design with a degree in fine art. Joey is originally from Taiwan, and now lives in sunny Los Angeles.  See more of his work at http://joeyart.blogspot.com.

Jacob Streilein is from Durham, North Carolina where he grew up drawing cartoons for his school newspaper and screen printing thousands of T-Shirts in his friends’ kitchen every weekend. He is studying animation at CalArts, but he occasionally misses the deep fried goodness of the dirty South. He listens to rap and despises country music.

Dave Bergmann. Illustrator, animator, taco aficionado, Death Metal riff-smith. Crazy cat lady. Rumored to be born and raised in a taco stand on Venice beach, Dave was discovered by Huell Hauser while bussing tables and quickly thrown in front of a computer with an adobe suite. Latest reports indicate he is currently solving crimes out the back of a van in Southwester Alberta.


  1. Lisa Zachs · November 30, 2011

    I am a freelance artist and huge JIB JAB fan! I would LOVE to have you look at my illustrations, as my specialty is children’s book illustration. I have a quirky sense of humor fun style, and am great at conveying an author’s idea! I am confident my illustrations would fit right in to your awesome new BOOK projects!

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Lisa Zachs

    • Team JibJab · November 30, 2011

      Hi Lisa – Thanks for reaching out! We aren’t currently hiring any illustrators, but you can keep a look out on our careers page for any openings: http://blog.jibjab.com/careers/ Thanks for your interest!

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